Essay on The Companions, Like The Supernatural Aid And Talisman

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Companions are the people that can help the hero through various tasks such as fighting in battle, learning a lesson, or achieving a particular goal during the journey. The companions, like the supernatural aid and talisman, are helpful to the hero in assisting the hero in accomplishing his goals and therefore having his journey be successful. With this in mind, the companions of Billy Jack are the school students, Jean who provides him with advice, Cole who supported Jean and protected the school, Barbara, the Doctor who supported the Indian people and defended them, as well as Martin. Another example is the doctors in the short story that helped the parents battle Mr.Grief through helping their child maintain stability. Threshold guardians can be on either side of the threshold in order to prevent those who are not ready for the journey ahead from passing the threshold. They can also prevent the hero from passing the threshold to return home or to pursue the journey. Bernard in Billy Jack caused battles and fights that tested Jack 's anger to see if he is capable of crossing the threshold. )(Jean acted as a threshold guardian because she didn 't want Jack to cross the line into the other world due to the potential consequences and danger that he might face. The townspeople challenged Jack and tested his anger issues constantly to see if he will be able to handle the trials ahead. In addition, during the scene in the bathroom in the short story, the father faces the two…

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