The Community With Law Enforcement And Their Relationship With Citizens

794 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
There has been a going problem in our community with law enforcement and their relationship with citizens. Due to a very diverse group of people here in the United States, racial discrimination has erupted as one of the main reasons for police brutality. Scandal after scandal have been broadcasted throughout social media, causing people to dislike law enforcement. This has caused riots/marches to break our throughout various cities in the Unites States. With the “spirit of capitalism” Weber would describe it as the difference between the wealthy and the working class and the restricting striving gains that are presented to them. This would lead to the police brutality, due to the societal-cultural and economic conditions things like this are likely to occur. The “culture industry” described by Horkheimer and Adorno would lean this problem towards our social media and all the movies that condone violence is what lead to the problem we have today with police brutality. In the end, the problem that we have today is only going to continue if we don’t understand and conclude that the law enforcement are not the problem, but an issue of a few individuals whose actions are destroying our view on law enforcement.
Spirit of Capitalism – Weber A situation like this involving disagreements between our law enforcement and the community, Weber would say it is due to one’s economic status. He would assume that the Protestant (wealthy) class are less likely to commit crime and get…

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