The Communication Practice Of A Single Cloud Based Collaboration Platform

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Document Management:
One of the other communication practice is related to document management. The documentation or its management was traditionally done by paper and prints. Technological advances in the construction sector has changes this old practice. Now availability and access to different digital software has changed the way the industry use to work.
One of such collaboration practice is cloud collaboration. Cloud collaboration helps to manage the project data under a single cloud-based collaboration platform. It is an easy way to share all the project related information in real time from different modes. The architects, contractors, vendors, and other people involved in the project can easily manage the documents, drawings, technical queries, etc. and communicate effectively, rather than printing, rectifying, revising, posting all the drawings and specifications of latest version to different people. The old fashion way of working would take days and weeks to get all the documents and drawings & specifications and get all the queries solved and answered. It was not an effective way of communication as it would take a long time to get it all done and still there would be some errors which would lead to further misunderstanding, conflicts, lawsuits and claims. Thus, these software for collaboration helps the team members to communicate effectively by sharing the project data and information which helps with decision making in real time, avoid conflicts and fosters…

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