The Communication Attributes Of Lean Production Organizations

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This article discusses the communication attributes of lean production organizations. These organizations differ in how they encourage lower levels of employees to participate in the management process and managers are taught to join their employees as a team member, which is called blending. Another hallmark of lean production is positive engagement where the managers are taught to always be positive and keep the energy moving forward. The final trait of lean production is the use of soft words, where the manager is to always respond in an emotionally positive manner no matter the situation.
When studying communication and effectiveness within an organization, looking at best practices of other organizations and alternative ways of communicating should be part of the process. Organizations who fit the demographic for this research, namely organizations with a need for communications improvements, should compare and contrast current methods with desired outcomes. The authors have looked at a wealth of literature regarding the topic and provide detailed information regarding their research.

As 21st-century business communication become more collaborative, Team Communication Platforms (TCPs) are emerging as an increasing popular software option. TCPs are messaging services that support collaborative discussions sorted into groups or topics with the immediacy of an instant messaging system. The research referenced in this article supports the theory that knowledge sharing and…

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