Essay on The Common Disorder Of The Endocrine System

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Diabetes Mellitus is the most common disorder of the Endocrine System. The pancreas is an organ behind the stomach that produces a hormone called insulin, specialized cells of the pancreas produce a hormone called insulin to regulate metabolism. Without this hormone, glucose cannot enter body cells and blood glucose levels rise. (Rosdahl 2012 pg.1294) When this happens our liver compensates by increasing glucose production from amino acids and glycogen causing hyperglycemia.
There are different types of diabetes but this paper is just focused on type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is an insulin dependent diabetes mellitus; it is often called Juvenile or onset diabetes because it is often found in children or young adults. (Readers Digest 1996 pg120) Type 1 is a common effect of the destruction of the pancreatic betta cells. Over the years there has also been a connection between inheritance and the disease. Environmental factors, diet and lifestyle can contribute to it but sometimes diabetes can develop without a cause.
Type 2 diabetes is a non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) Being overweight and diet can contribute to NIDDM. The pancreas is still functioning and secreting insulin but the levels are low, normal or high.
Signs and symptoms of DM vary from person to person. There are however some common signs and symptoms such as the 3 P’s of Diabetes. Polyuria means urinating in excess, polydipsia means excessive thirst and polyphagia means excessive hunger. The classic…

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