Essay on The Common Core State Standards

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From K-12 children across the nation go to school each day with a willingness to learn. While the children may be ready and willing, not all states are ready or able to offer the same level of education. The Common Core State Standards were implemented by the Federal Government in order to standardize education across America. These Common Core State Standards grew out of the No Child Left Behind program instituted by former president George W. Bush. One frightening realization many teachers come to have is that the Common Core State Standards are not a curriculum, but only standards that must be met. Now they must figure out for themselves what they should teach to meet the standards. So when most parents today hear the phrase “Common Core,” they then assume that their students will be getting a subpar education. However, what most Americans fail to realize when they condemn the Common Core standards is that in reality no major changes besides the name have occurred. While some individuals defend the Common Core, many critics take issue with the fact that math skills are no longer emphasized as much as writing as well as criticizing the mandatory testing forced upon students and their teachers.
The issue of what should be taught to children is a question as old as teaching itself. Most states have aligned themselves with the Common Core State Standards which effectively tell the states what they should and should not teach. Recently, a much greater focus has been placed on…

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