Essay about The Commitment Of Cognitive Tests

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• Commitment to Cognitive tests measure the ability to learn quickly, logic, reasoning, reading comprehension, and other enduring mental abilities that are fundamental to success in a variety of jobs.
• Criminal background provides information on an individual’s criminal history (Walsh, 2016).
• Credit background provides information on an individual’s history regarding financial responsibility (Walsh, 2016).
• Drug Screenings test for illegal substances in an individual’s system (Walsh, 2016).
• Personality tests measure specific personality traits related to numerous behaviors such as, interpersonal interactions, and satisfaction with different aspects of work (Types of Employment Tests, n.d.).
• Physical Ability tests evaluate and measure an individual’s physical ability to perform tasks that are regularly required for specific jobs (Types of Employment Tests, n.d.).
• Job knowledge tests evaluate technical or professional expertise and knowledge that is required for specific jobs or professions (Types of Employment Tests, n.d.). In hiring new employees, utilizing employment tests and screenings can be very useful to determining the best candidate for the position. Every employee should be required to complete a drug screening and criminal background checks, ensure possible negligent hiring and potential liability of an employee harming themselves or others. Positions such as cahiers, stockers, and gardeners, which require a significant amount of standing for long…

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