The Color Purple Film Analysis

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There are many strong women in the world today. These women do not need a man in their lives to tell them what to do, provide for them, or care for them. Many women are depicted this way in the movie, The Color Purple. In this movie, women such as Sofia and Netty are strong willed and can take care of themselves. Late in the movie, a girl named Celie, who has been pushed around and controlled her whole life, stands up for herself and finds her place in life. This movie was a representation of how women do not need men in their lives to survive and live a good life. My favorite character in the movie The Color Purple, would most definitely be Sofia. To start, Sofia is my favorite character in the movie The Color Purple because she is strong willed and won’t let others push her around. Sofia is a strong willed woman and refuses to be treated like a slave. On one occasion, a white woman asked one of her …show more content…
Miss Milly asked Sofia to teach her how to drive. Miss Milly was not a good driver and instead of losing her temper with her, Sofia was patient with her. After teaching her how to drive, Miss Milly stopped at a store and gave Sofia a very long list to shop for. Sofia was very tired and worn out at this time and she kept her temper under control. This paid off because, Celie was in the shop and took care of the shopping for Sophia. Being patient with Miss Milly paid off because Miss Milly decided to drive Sofia to her home. So Sofia is a patient woman who can keep her temper under control. So, my favorite character in the movie The Color Purple, would most definitely be Sofia. Sofia has become a role model for many people in the world today. She demonstrates how to live a fruitful life without the aid from a man. This movie can inspire women all around the world, no matter what race, to stand up for themselves and do thing their own way. For this reason, Sofia is my favorite character from the movie The Color

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