The Colonization Of The Congo Essays

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Throughout history, many nations have been subjected to imperialism. In particular, India and Africa have both seen their fair share of being ruled by another nation. Both these two regions had differing imperial experiences, much to do the aims of the imperialize to the independence movements indorsed by the native people. But, the imperial experience in India was much less destructive and more effective than the one in Africa.
The process of the subjugation in both India and Africa can be considered evil. Looking at Africa, eurpeon nations competed vigoursly to obtain a piece of the continent. It was so cometitve that the nations attented the Berlin Conference to set down ground rules to how to claim a nation. But how did these europeon nation subjugate such colonies. One example is when Belgium ifolonized the Congo; where they used brute force and dehumanized the natives to control it. In fact, if you did not meet the supply needs as demanded by Belgium, they would mutilate your body. Of course though, the colonization of the Congo is considered to have the worst treatment of its natives compared to the rest of the European nations during that time. But, this just goes to show that these nations went to any lengths to subjugate the natives so they can claim land. From war to mutilation, the subjugation of Africa would best be considered as evil.
Looking at the subjugation of India, it went a little bit smoother than that of Africa. In 1615, the Britain was granted…

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