The Collection Of The Library Essay example

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The library was home to the largest assortments of basic life skills from how to properly bake a cake to properly wielding a sword. The shelves held room to exactly five-hundred books, many of which wore the wear and tear of the previous senders. Admittedly, you could often find notes or scribbles left behind by previous readers; though most was miscellaneous and frankly absent of any -useful- information.

It was always undoubtedly quiet in the Library, though not because it was “suppose” to be but because it was rare if anyone even did stop by. Xenthus, the boy with stunning white hair but never looked a day over fifthteen age sat in his usual spot, a secluded corner far from the lounge but angled just nicely towards the main entrance doors of the library for who anyone who entered he’d take notice.

Ansari, a young lady of small stature had wandered in with a rather seemingly large collection of sloppily piled books. She stumbled her way past the albino without even as much as a glance, to the bookshelf she clumsily propped herself against, wiggling and squirming under the weight of her literature.


“Oh! Xenthus! Is that you?” Ansari muttered in a timid rasp, the hands on her books tightening and managing to direct her gaze elsewhere, preferably the shelves.

“Ah, Yes, Sorry did I startle you? I assumed you saw me since you didn’t exactly say hello. You alright?” Xenthus had managed to saunter over, prying at the collection of books she held between her and…

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