The Cold War Was The Battle Between Two Of The World 's Strongest Powers

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Sydney Carter
Civ 202-06

Question Number 2:
The Cold War was the battle between two of the world’s strongest powers, the USA and the USSR. It began in 1947 after the end of World War II and until the dissolution of the Soviet Union on December 26 of 1991. The cold war started for a list of reasons; American fear of communist attack, USSR’s fear of American attack, Stalin’s dislike by President Truman, USSR’s fear of the US’s atomic bomb, USSR’s disagreement of capitalism and aim to spread world communism, USSR’s acts in the Soviet zone in Germany, America refusing to share nuclear secrets, USSR’s expansion west into Europe as well as broken election promises, and USSR’s need for a secure western border. There was widespread distrust and this did a great deal to deepen the intensity of the Cold War.
The soviet system in Europe collapsed from 1989 to 1991. Partially because President Ronald Reagan’s restart of the Cold War in November of 1986. It was discovered that the White House had illegally and secretly sold weapons to Iran trying to free hostages from Lebanon. After, they redirected the sales money to rebels of Nicaragua, the Contras. John Poindexter and Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North, national security advisor and a member of the National Security Council, were tried and convicted for the Iran-Contra affair. Reagan’s cold war budgets challenged the easement and the Soviet’s ability to match the spending to the US. One of the main reasons the cold…

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