The Cold War And The Soviet War Essay

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The Cold War was, by and large, a war many American Citizens were not prepared for. In the past wars were usually fought a considerable distance from home with less destructive technology. The Cold War changed this as the threat of Communism was closer than ever, either off the shore or inside the country it’s self, and the possibility of blowing up the world was great. It is a common reaction to new and dangerous concept is to be afraid, and this is exactly how the American public responded to the Cold War. During the Cold War many citizens feared losing their international leadership to the USSR, a post nuclear fallout, and the spread of communism close to home. Post World War II the United states stood tall as the leader of the developing world with the best economy and the latest advancements technology and science. However, when the USSR sent a man and satellite into space America’s confidence was shaken. Fear of losing leadership to the Soviets spread throughout the United States. Many were more egotistical, frightened at the thought of loosing their title and pride of the most advanced country, while other’s were alarmed that such advancements would aid in the spread of communism. Sensing the dismay of it’s people, the government set forth a plan to insure that America does not technological and scientifically fall behind to the USSR. In a special 1958 message to Congress the President called for more emphasis on science and technology in the education system,…

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