The Cold War And The Soviet Union Essay

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The Cold War lasted nearly 45 years because neither the United States nor the Soviet Union wanted to compromise their political or religious ideals. Both nations considered their way of thinking to be the best, and the looming threat of nuclear warfare further escalated the tension. A stalemate resulted from the countries’ inability to address their differences, especially those on politics, economics, and religion. When the United States and the Soviet Union began to address their differences, both had seen significant increases in arms productions and were facing their fears that the Cold War might turn hot. The United States held that democracy was the best government for all people. Because the Soviet Union ran under a totalitarian regime, Americans detested it, arguing that totalitarianism “sought to subdue all of civil society, including churches, unions, and other voluntary associations, to their control” (Foner 893). Headed by a dictator, the Soviet Union angered Americans who held strongly to the idea of democracy. People could not choose their leader under a dictatorship, they argued, and many also felt that the ability to choose a leader was a right that every individual should be guaranteed. By 1950, disgust for totalitarianism had grown so much that Congress passed the McCarran Internal Security Act (Foner 893). The act prevented totalitarian individuals from entering the United States in order to protect the democracy that the country held dear. The term…

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