Essay The Code Of Hammurabi And The United States

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In any society there is a need for laws and a judicial system has many benefits. Written laws allow kings, rulers, and even religious figures (such as gods), make their will known in every case without having to be physically there. They also allow the king or ruler to pass sentence without being there. Laws make the legal system fair since everyone faces the same consequences for the same actions. The Code of Hammurabi was a legal code that provided guidelines for every aspect of Babylonian society. During that time (~1772 BC) steles were used to communicate ideas to a group of people. Steles were placed in public locations throughout the kingdom and were written in the native language of the citizens of Babylon. This ensured that anyone who was literate could read the code of Hammurabi and see how the laws applied to their lives (Deering).
The Code of Hammurabi separated people according to their social class and gender, and applied laws and punishments that corresponded. For example, throughout the Code, there are two or three different laws for the same crime or business transaction. What differs is the price a common man or slave would be charged for the same medical treatment and/or the punishment for a crime committed against a common man or a slave. In both situations, the fee or penalty is less for a slave and if there was a fee involved the slave 's owner paid it. For example, “If he destroy the eye of a common man or break a bone of a common man, he…

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