The Code Of Ethics Paper

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Code of Ethics Paper
Jessica Dias

To work in healthcare is a challenging task. There is minimal reward and a constant need to provide a work-life balance and know limitations even when the lines of boundaries are not clear. To put into words the ethical responsibilities that, as nurses we face regularly and to feel as though we are united is a rewarding feeling. To work in an industry that shows such compassion without judgement and provides the highest level of customer service then put into words the dilemmas faced is a comforting feeling. I have chosen to analyze Provision 5 of the Code of Ethics that states “The nurse owes the same duty self as to others including the responsibility to promote health and safety. Preserve wholeness of character and integrity maintain competence and continue personal and professional growth” (Nursing World, n.d.).

The definition of ethics according to the Oxford Dictionary is “moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior” ( n.d.). In the nursing profession, there are going to be a lot of ethical issues that arise. This is when the professional nurse needs to remember that it is the “moral principle” that guides behavior. This paper is supposed to be about an ethical issue that presents in the profession and an analysis of the issue. I have decided to reference the ANA (American Nurses Association) and analyze certain codes of Ethics and how they…

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