The Clinical Nurse Leader Is Pivotal At The Healthcare Team, Serving As A Critical Navigator

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As a horizontal leader, the Clinical Nurse Leader is pivotal to the healthcare team, serving as a critical navigator through the microsystem (Harris, et. al., 2014). In preparing the CNL for the prestigious role, such skills as effective communication, collaboration, negotiation, delegation, coordination and evaluation must be learned and mastered for the CNL to be successful in demonstrating the strength of this new type of nurse. It is through these advanced characteristics that will aid the CNL in effectively lead interdisciplinary teams successfully.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Needed
In my opinion, one of the key skill sets for the CNL to possess is clear effective communication that involves active listening. There must be a defined leader with the skill to really critically hear what no one is saying. One of the most effective tools in communication that can lead to better communication starts with clarity. To be clear, one should minimize the number of ideas in each sentence. Being clear means we make it easy for our intended audience to truly understand our meaning. Keeping the message simple will help convey clear and concise communication. The care team should not have to "read between the lines" and make assumptions on their own to understand what we trying to say. Communication is the structured process by which information is clearly and accurately exchanged among team members (TeamSTEPPS, 2013) and will be paramount in the CNL leading…

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