The Clinical Nurse Leader ( Cnl ) Program Essay

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I truly believe in the saying, “You are nothing without your past.” Our experiences affect how we think, feel, and act as well as help shape our morals, attitude, and social behavior. My experiences—both good and bad—molded me into the person I am today, and the person I hope to become tomorrow. The hurdles I faced during childhood developed into a desire to aid others, while my years as an Army officer created a love and desire to lead.
Nursing is a profession that symbolizes selflessness and compassion for others, while encouraging self-growth, excellence, and professionalism. I want to become a nurse, because it will allow me to fully care for others, while presenting me with a variety of leadership opportunities that will further develop me as a compassionate leader. The Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) program will assist me in achieving my short-term goal of becoming a CNL for an Obstetrician/Gynecology (OB/GYN) unit, which enables my long-term goal of opening a non-profit women’s health clinic in my hometown of Syracuse, New York. Accomplishing these goals aligns directly with my desire to aid others and lead in the nursing field.
Unlike other professions, the nursing field will allow me to care for individuals at a greater capacity than just treating their wounds and illnesses. Nursing will also allow me to address a person’s mental, spiritual, and emotional health. I have always had a deep urge to comfort and show compassion towards others. My past makes me…

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