The Civil War And The United States Essay example

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The Civil War were a war between the southern states and the northern states. The south were part of the Confederate States of America and the north were part of the United States of America. The main reason for the war were to protect slavery for the south and the north believed otherwise. Slavery in Virginia became one of the main states that were center of attention during the Civil War. The north were determined to abolish slavery and the south became outraged at the thought of not having slaves. Virginia were one of the biggest states that had slaves and slavery helped the economy grow. There were many states that broke away from the union and President Abraham Lincoln were determined to convince the states join the union again. Virginia will not be the same after the Civil War. The first abolition movement in the United States were established to try to end slavery in the nation that give every individual freedom and for all men to be treated equal. Most of the whites did not see the point of having slaves and thought that it would be a good idea to start a movement. Some of the states began to prohibit slavery, but Virginia would not give in. Pennsylvania began an emancipation in 1780. The act clear state that slaves will be freed over a thirty year time period which will give the plantation owners and slaveholders time to adjust to the change overtime. Slaveholders believe that it was convenient to purchase slaves for life instead of paying wages to workers. It…

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