Essay on The Civil Rights Of The United States

1822 Words Dec 14th, 2016 8 Pages
As the population continues to grow in America, the topic of diversity and opinions about it are on the rise as well. Previously, civil rights have been an issue in the United States and are still blamed for the oppression faced today; however, civil rights are not the current issue at hand. From the privilege movements, incorporating fair treatment and creating more diversity to make up for the events in the past is the present issue at hand. Being a free country, the United States is constantly accepting new immigrants that travel here to find a better life for themselves. Because of the many races and ethnicities that move into it, the country begins to increase its variety of ethnicities such as Latinos, Orientals, and Middle Easterners. To make new lives for themselves, these multicultural people go to college to acquire a degree so they can pursue their dreams. As they begin the application process, minority students tend to become favored by many colleges and universities who are attempting to build diversity at their schools to provide an “equal” chance of admittance to people of all backgrounds. However, when it comes to admissions, colleges and universities should provide equal opportunities to minorities and majorities alike, not favoring one group over the other for diversity purposes. When looking at some colleges and scholarships to attend them, one sees that minority students or non-Caucasian students are eligible to receive more financial aid than whites to…

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