The Civil Rights Act Of The United States Essay

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It was not until 1920 when women were allowed to vote in the United States. 1969 when they were accepted into Ivy League schools along with men. Finally in 1964, the Civil Rights Act made it illegal to discriminate an employee based on their gender or race. 50 years have gone by since that law was passed yet women and feminists everywhere are still fighting to gain rights that they were promised oh so long ago. It is 2016 and women who work the same job as men, are paid 20% less than their male counterpart. It is very evident that the gender gap is real and so is discrimination towards women in the workplace, but there is not enough being done about it. Take it from Kristen Bright, who worked in an online security company that was composed of 50 employees, 6 of which were women. She had worked at that company for 3 years when she started noticing that her male male co-workers were able to get raises and promotions easier than she could. She then realized that, “there was a reason this company was lacking female employees: with the way they ran things there was no chance they could retain any women in these jobs.” Working in a company that is predominantly male, it is hard to stand out and get promoted as a woman since they are seen so much differently than their male coworkers. It is time that women got treated equally and with respect, they should get paid the same as their male co-workers and they should stop being discriminated against and harassed because it is…

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