Essay on The City Of Miami And Its Surrounding Counties

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DRNC Leadership Practicum
The city of Miami and its surrounding counties are once again hosts to the Democratic Republican National Convention (DRNC). The Miami Dade Police Department (MDPD) and the City of Miami Police Department (MPD), have been tasked with the lead role for tactical and strategic planning for the safety and security concerns for the conference. At the head of this taskforce is Major Louis Warren. Major Warren was designated as the Incident Commander for the operation by Director Melanie Duncan. Major Warren has a long and successful career and seemed to be the perfect pick to lead the charge in inspiring and implementing new and innovative tactics in crowd control that can assist the law enforcement agencies in safely and effectively performing their duties with minimal incidents.
It is no secret that both MDPD and MPD have had their fair share of civil disturbances over the years. It is also know that they have equally experienced successes in the engineering and implementation of the Mobile Field Force concept with regards to crowd control strategies. However, a new generation of leaders as well as new threats have emerged that require fresh ideas. Major Warren must now inspire creative thinking, apply critical analysis and set goals in place in order to overcome past barriers and encourage innovation from the front line officers.
Overcoming these barriers will not be an easy task. Past experience has shown that some leaders are not easily open to…

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