The City And Metro Area Essay

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Chicago, Illinois often referred to as the Second City or the Windy City has recently taken on a much more ominous nickname, Chiraq. The dubious title that entails that a major American city share similar traits to the worn torn country of Iraq comes about from the dramatic and unfortunate rise of gang violence in the city and metro area. Despite success in curbing crime from its peak levels in the early 90’s the decrease is no more, crime has come roaring back in the Windy City, leaving many communities, particularly on the south and west side in the dust, as downtown and many north side communities see new construction popping up frequently. What happened to Chicago? How could some communities do so well and others fail so profoundly? How could a city and metro stretched so thin on resources, see so much failure and promise at the same time? The answer lies in the fragmentation of the Chicago metro area and a decades’ long inability for neighborhood, city, and suburban communities to communicate in an effective way, leading to political gridlock and intense resentment between city and suburban communities, black and white neighborhoods, and wealthy and poor communities.
Among the areas with the greatest disparity in the Chicago region is the inequality between black and white Chicagoans. The quality of life amongst white and black Chicagoans could not be more different. While for the most part whites live in affluent urban neighborhoods, such as the Near Northside or…

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