Essay about The Church, The New Testament And Modern Day Church

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What is the Church? This is a question that could be answered in various ways depending on who you ask. Some people treat the church as a building that is attended once a week for fellowship and worship, and some view the church as body of believers working together to proclaim the Gospel. The church is much more than just a building. Essentially, the church’s purpose is to fulfill God’s ultimate purpose here on earth. The church is designed to glorify Christ by spreading the Gospel to the world. Whether this is through a formal church setting, or by going overseas to evangelize, the church was created to share the good news of Jesus Christ. In “The Church” by Ed Hayes, he defines the church as “a living, vibrant, and expanding institution of God’s design and making” (Hayes, xi). For this assignment, I have been studying the main purpose of the church, the new testament and modern day church, the church’s relationship to the kingdom, and the roles the church plays in present day. Through all of these topics, I have gained a good understanding of what the church is. Ultimately, we need to know that the church is composed of a sovereign God and the holy spirit, a body of believers, and exists to provide evangelism and edification. When viewing the church, we must look back to the New Testament church which holds majority of the values and aspects the modern day church should have. Compared to the Old Testament, the New Testament church had the Holy Spirit to guide them in…

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