Essay about The Church Of The New Testament

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When examining the churches in the New Testament, not once do we see Jesus segregating the people. Everyone is welcome to worship together. All throughout the Bible we can see a blending of cultures. America is a melting pot of so many different cultures. Therefore, it is important for us to ensure that everyone feels loved and accepted in our churches. God has called us to love all people no matter what. Bishop Roy Sano, who is part of the United Methodist Episcopacy, wrote an article for Ministry Matters about Jesus’ ministry on the earth. He gives many examples of how Jesus went beyond cultural boundaries. Equally important, he talks about how even in Jesus’ own genealogy there is a blending of Jews and Gentiles. “The Holy Spirit equipped the apostles to bring together the first multi-lingual, multi-cultural mega-church and blended this variety into a single faith community” (“Biblical Obedience”). We can see that the church that Sano is referring to in this quote is the church at Antioch. From what the Holy Spirit did with the church in the New Testament, we can clearly see what God’s heart is regarding the structure of our churches today. God doesn’t desire for us to segregate because of a lack of understanding about each other, but He wants us to work together and embrace our differences.
Moreover, building a multi-ethnic church doesn’t come without its difficulties. Crossing over ethnic boundaries is not something that is done easily. When going against the social…

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