The Church Of Jesus Christ Essay

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I was not born into a religion, I did not know much about any religion either. I knew nothing of God, or Jesus Christ, I could tell you how long ago he lived, though anyone who knows the date could. I investigated different religions since I was 13, and they were not all Christian. Though obviously the one I choose was Christianity, specifically The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Something about this Church just felt true. The most important part of the Saviors life to me is when he is in the Gethsemane he asked the Father to “take this bitter cup from me, though not my will be done but yours.” In my life I’ve always lived by the saying “Your word is your bond.” That in Christ life has shown me that he had agreed and wanted to come down to the Earth to give this ultimate sacrifice, and then when he was here he saw the pain and suffering he’d go through, he saw what it meant it meant to be human. In that split moment Christ, he King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Master of Earth and Sea, had no hope, begged for mercy, and then in an ultimate show of will power and commitment he says that he’ll follow the will of the Father, and not his own. While I am nothing like Christ, I do strive to be. On my Mission I was terribly sick with parasites, and I wanted nothing more than that bitter cup to be taken away from me. But I never asked to go home. I knew I had made a promise, and with my family encouraging me as well as my Mission family I followed the Saviors example and…

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