The Church Doors Essay

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Back then, I never really understood why faces would turn when one opened the church doors. Then once the old ladies saw who was about to enter, they would turn to each other and lean in. For old ladies with no teeth, they sure did talk a lot to one another. I always thought when they glanced back at me walking in, that it was because I was wearing the same outfit that I worse last Sunday. My church clothes were only for church. As soon as I’d get home, my outfit would be taken off, washed, and hung up in the closet for next Sunday. It wasn’t like I was wearing a dirty outfit, so I didn’t understand why the old ladies were talking about me. I didn’t understand until later that that was the start of me feeling like I was being judge when people’s eyes were on me. The old ladies were probably never talking about me, but they sure had eyes that made it feel that way.
The same ladies always sat in the back of the church. Each Sunday they would turn at the door and then turn to the rest of the red hat society clan. They would gossip before church, but then complain after church that they couldn’t hear. As soon as the preacher said amen, they would get up and walk out saying they wish the preacher spoke louder and then followed with how Mary Sue’s dress was one inch above her knee, so scandalous. I realize now the old ladies gossip about the lives of others because that in all they have going for them in theirs. As the years went by, I started to understand more about the talks…

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