The Chrysanthemums Personal Response

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“The Chrysanthemums”
Reading the short story “The Chrysanthemums” by John Steinbeck made me realized that society as a whole has not changed when it comes to the equality between men and women. Even though, today women are allowed to perform many tasks and activities that were in the past only performed by men; men are still given authorities over females. This short story is about a woman named Elisa, who was not valued by her husband because she was a female. She was treated more like a child rather than grown up woman. Moreover, due to her husband’s negligence to acknowledge her abilities, Elisa becomes really unhappy in her marriage. Elisa was not happy in her marriage because her husband refuses to acknowledge her intelligence; because
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Firstly, Elisa was not happy in her marriage because she was more treated as a child more than an adult by her husband. He treated her as if she was not intelligent enough to function on her own and as if she needs to be consistently under the control of a man. This story made me so sad because I know how females in these situation feel like. Also, since I am a female I always feel pissed off with these kind of stories. Furthermore, those kind of men do not let their wives perform any kind of activities except housework which end up making the females feeling worthless. Henry says to his wife, “You’ve got a gift with things” (par.12); this just proves how much he does not believe his wife has any potential except of food related stuff; that is a rude comment that no man should say to his wife. Elisa has so many potentials that were probably beyond the qualities of all the men in the story, but since Henry would not …show more content…
In the short story “The Chrysanthemums” written by John Steinbeck, the protagonist Elisa was not happy in her marriage because her husband refuses to treat her rightly and was treating her as if she was worth nothing; the society she was living in was treating her as if she was worthless, and she was also feeling worthless. This short story was not a story that I see as only relevant to our society today but a fascinating story to read. As a woman, I image and felt how worthless Elisa was feeling. Even though, I don’t think society as a whole has changed when it come to the equalities between men and women, women now feel more valuable and worth it. I mostly agree that now-days, men value, appreciate, and respect their wives more than the past. However, I still feel sick about the fact that men are raised to believe that they have authority over females and that females need their protection. Also, since everybody’s opinion matter, everybody should be given the opportunity to share their opinion and explore their truthful

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