The Chronic Nature Of Depressive Disorders Essay

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Summary: The chronic nature of depressive disorders in adolescence, along with the adverse consequences of the non-treatment of such disorders, has led to interest in the use of SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) antidepressant medication as a means of treatment. Since the 1990s, SSRIs have become the prominent treatment option for children and adolescents with depression and have been more effective as well as safer than predecessor medications. Yet, the safety of using these medications to treat depressive disorders remains in question, with risk factors of increased suicide ideation and behavior presenting deep concern and debate

Yes view: In a 2008 Position Paper, Garland, Kutcher and Virani evaluate the use of SSRIs as treatment for adolescents. While they oscillate on the difficulty of research support, the authors contend that at least one SSRI, fluoxetine, has viable efficacy in treatment of adolescent youth and two others have potential as well, although none have been found consistently effective in pre-adolescence. The authors also acknowledge that the use of SSRI in the treatment of anxiety disorders yields greater benefits than in depressive disorders. Lastly, the authors conclude that “properly applied and monitored, medication treatment may be of substantial benefit to some individuals” (p. 9).

No view: Antidepressants Use in Children and Adolescence and the Risk of Suicide, takes on the issue of suicidality in the treatment of adolescents…

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