The Children Of God, A New Religious Movement Essay

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The Children of God, a new religious movement by David Berg serves to manifest the idea of the “Law of Love.” Conserving the ideas of “flirty-fishing” and evangelism, the role of gender and sexuality is highly interpreted within the Children of God. In specific, gender and sexuality is highly targeted towards females within new religious movements (NRMs). To begin, gender plays a role in new religious movements, where women become subordinated in a hierarchy, lower than men, while they represent sensitivity and a symbol of commune (Palmer 1993). Women join a new religious movement as an outlet to help better their everyday lives, especially dealing with relationships with a spouse or family members (Bromley and Cowan 2008). Through interaction with other converts and the leader, members, male or female, can sufficiently improve their lives. To better their lives they must follow principles the leader implies, such as practicing by reading a bible or taking action in some way. However, these practices include problematic features that inflict sexual and gender implications. In addition, the Children of God emphasizes evangelism, as bringing the message of Christ to the world through sexual enticement. In order to bring this message about, members must practice the “Law of Love.” The Law of Love imposes copulation as the main focus of Children of God’s theology (Robbins and Zablocki 2001). Obligating women to have copulation with potential recruits or…

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