Essay about The Child Observed During A Speech Therapy Session

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Your name Stephanie Aragon Date of Observation October 14, 2014 I. Identifying Information
Date of Observation: October 14, 2014 Time of Observation (9:30 am) to (10:20)
Highest degree of professional: BA , MA, CCC ,
Specialty of professional you observed: Speech therapy
Place of Observation: University of Cal state Los Angeles speech therapy The child observed during a speech therapy session is an energetic three year, eleven month girl, by the name of Abby. The speech pathologist is a female who, like Abby, initiated the therapy session with alacrity to play and interact. The therapy was a 1:1 session; the clinician and child appeared to have great rapport. Abby has a motor speech disorder known as apraxia. A child with apraxia has problems saying sounds, syllables and words due to the lack of brain planning involved for oral movements needed for speech. The therapy session took place in a private clinic room. The clinician sat in a small kids table with Abby. The table was located toward the corner of the room where they sat in a 90-degree angle. The clinician sat in a close proximity and faced Abby. She hunched over the child to better interact with her. There was also another person in the room who was recording the session. This person did not speak at other than a few giggles. The person was in front of the clinician and child with a great amount of space in between them. The room was set up in a strategic manner. There were no visual distractions,…

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