The Chicago Public School System Essay

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The Chicago Public School system (CPS) is like a second home for many students. Many of the students who attend these schools are usually from low income and middle class families. Unfortunately sometimes the meals that these kids receive at school are the only meals they get during the day. During the 2011-2012 school year the Chicago Public School system fed over 400,000 students more than 900,000 meals. These students have the option to receive breakfast and/or lunch during the school day. According to the CPS website, over eighty-percent of families are categorized as being low income. When families are low income, they can apply for free or reduced priced lunches. The regular price of breakfast and lunch is $2.50 per school day, which is over $20 a week for meals that do not contain all the nutrients a student needs. The food choices will almost never change once a child begins at CPS. CPS offers the same food choices every month. The food will hardly change in terms of portion or varieties; these students eat the same meal every year from the start of kindergarten to the end of their senior year. I believe that CPS should be able to provide students with a better meal choice that provides all the nutrients a student need. According to the American Heart Association, obesity can also lead to serious health issues like "asthma, sleep apnea, and allergies" (14). With asthma, the extra weight in the body can block the flow of air in the lungs. It increases difficulty in…

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