Essay on The Cherokee People For Many Years

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I lived amongst the Cherokee people for many years. So many years that I’ve become part of a family. The man that had taken me in early in my life was known as Adahy which means in the oak woods he was a young brave of 17 or 18 when we first met. His life at that time consisted of a young wife Immookalee which meant waterfall in Cherokee she was approximately 15 or 16 years old and was pregnant their first child. When Adahy married Immookalee, he had become part of the Wolf clan which were known for being hunter and warrior. Adahy was a great man of pride he etched out a living by farming and hunting tribal lands with other from his new clan.
One day the Wolf clan elders were called to a meeting with the chief and Adahy, and I was chosen to escort them. When we arrived at the meeting location, we were met by a squad of Tennessee militiamen dressed in dark blue uniforms and armed with smooth bore muskets. The sight of this man sent concern though are bodies, but we were quickly reassured when Adahy saw his family from the deer clan sitting and caring for their horses. When the elder un-mounted their horses and entered the Chief home the door swung open were I caught a glimpse of two uniformed soldiers peacefully sitting in front of the Chief.
While sitting outside many of the Cherokee escorts huddled on one side of the compound speculating about the talk happen between the men. Though the speculation did not last long, the meet was quickly broken up, and we were…

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