Essay on The Charter School Charter Schools

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Generally, the charter school is known for going there because students choose to. Stereotypically, some people think that it is a type of school for people with a lot of money. Some might even think that it is a school for kids that get kicked out of public schools and have nowhere else to go. Controversial and experimental teaching styles. It has also been thought that charter schools have more funding than public schools, but little do they know that it is the other way around. The issue with the charter schools is that there is not much funding which causes the school to be aggressive and entrepreneurial (Charter Schools Are a Bad Idea). After the first charter school opened, much has happened in the charter schools across the United States such as little funding, allowing more parents to be involved in the school, and that there needs to be a change in the way education is being taught.
In 1991, Minnesota passed the first charter law in the United States (Charter School Path Paved…). The first charter school opened in 1990’s (Charter Schools Are a Bad Idea). The original purpose was to collaborate with public schools instead of competing with them or weakening them (Charter Schools Are a Bad Idea). The idea was to recruit the students that had no interest in learning such as dropouts. Since then, it has changed like my high school. It is a charter school, but it has exceptional students that are ready to learn along with some who do not care one way or another.…

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