The Characters Of Hagar's Perception Vs. Reality

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Perception vs. Reality Rough Draft

Sometimes in life, our memory can be influenced by the emotions we were having at that said time. We can perceive past events differently based on our feelings at the time. Whereas in reality the events may be different. For Hagar Shipley, her stubborn, and prideful attitude has had a detrimental effect on how she remembers her past life events and is why she regularly turns a blind eye toward the truth. The characters of Marvin, John, and her father Jason Currie are all exemplifications of how Hagar’s perception of them isn’t the reality

On many occasions, Hagar’s memory of Marvin does not seem to be accurate and has been skewed by her biased feelings toward him. As a child Marvin consistently worked to
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She believes that John and her have an exceptional relationship, and that she is the ideal parent whereas Bram is a bad influence. When in reality John finds Hagar annoying and overbearing. When John tells Hagar that the kids at school refer to his father as “Bramble Shitley” he begins to cry and denies Hagar’s attempt at comforting him. “And then he cried. But when I tried to put an arm around him, he pulled away, clattered upstairs to his own room and locked the door.” (Laurence, 131) This quote signifies the loss of relationship between Hagar and John and how John doesn’t want his mother's comfort . This also shows how John cares about his father and wishes people respected his father and didn’t refer to him as such awful things. When it comes to John Hagar believes he could do no wrong and is a model son, when in reality this is not true at all. On many occasions at school John is caught fighting, and swearing, Hagar, like always is blind to Johns ignorance and just accepts it. “It didn’t seem likely to me that he fought more than most. That didn’t worry me half as much as his friends” (Laurence, 127) Hagar doesn’t believe that John fought more than most and continues to let her feelings toward John hide the truth from her, leaving her oblivious to John’s disciplinary issues. Hagar believes that John is the son her father had always wanted, and is more of a Currie than a Shipley. Hagar even goes to give John the …show more content…
An example of this being when her father sends her a way to the boarding school for years to learn how to become a proper lady, how to take care of accounts, and play hostess. Hagar is blind to see that the real reasoning behind why he sent her away was for his own benefit: ”You’re a credit to me. Everyone will be saying that by tomorrow.” (Laurence, 43). Her father viewed her as an object when he tells her “You’re a credit to me” it show that the only person benefiting from sending her to the women's academy was her father, and the image of her family. Now that Hagar had been trained in the ‘wifely duties’ she can finally fill the gap in the Currie household that her mom has left. This being the truth that Hagar cannot see, as she let her love for her father and her pride get in the way of how she perceives things. Another example of how when it comes to her father her memory can’t be trusted to portray the truth, was when she makes the decision to marry Bram, he does not condone it and lets her know immediately how he feels when he says “You’re only twenty-four. And you’ll not marry that fellow ever, I can vow to that much. He’s common as dirt.” (Laurence, 48). While Hagar thought her father was punishing her by not allowing her to marry Bram, he was really just saying that he didn’t think Bram was good enough for her, and that she deserved better. Hagar at

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