The Characteristics Of Jesus Christ: What Are Christlike Attributes?

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What do you think about when you hear the phrase, Christlike attributes? Personally, I think about the many wonderful and amazing qualities Jesus Christ has. Then I remember how we have been told to follow and become more like our Savior. However, becoming more like Him is a whole lot easier said than done. Today, I want to talk about how, if we develop these attributes, then we can receive so many blessings. So what are Christlike attributes? How can we develop them? How can developing them influence our daily missionary work? And how are they connected? I hope that by the end of my talk, you will feel encouraged to go home and learn more about the attributes of Christ. What are Christlike attributes? Throughout the scriptures, we read about the different qualities of Christ. We are told that we should want to become more like him. In order to do so, we need to develop the attributes that he had into our own lives. Christlike attributes are essential for us to develop as we go throughout our lives. If we have a desire, …show more content…
There is not difficult explanation to give. The answer is simply that they all work together to enable us to become more like Christ. Each of the attributes in Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel all go with each other. If we obey the commandments and follow the Lord we are showing Heavenly Father that we are diligent followers of Christ. We are diligent followers of Christ because we are obeying all of the commandments that we have been given. Since we are diligent followers it means that we are also patient because we have to sometimes work hard for long periods of time before we see any progress. Since we are patient we have humility because we are going slow enough to feel the promptings of the Spirit throughout our lives. And it keeps going in the same way. Each of the attributes are building off of each other and increasing in

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