The Characteristics And Differences Of English And Chinese Writing

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Though I would have less grammar mistakes writing in Chinese than in English, there are similarities in both English and Chinese writing. That is, the first sentence in each paragraph should start directly the main idea of the paragraph, and one paragraph has one and only one main statement, which is hard for me to reach by one time. Therefore, I revise it again and again from the initial free writing, like a painter drawing the pigments from the bottom to the top. My writing is like a process, which develop every time I review it. This semester, I spent much time free writing and going over my three essays, rhetorical analysis, argumentative topic, and summary and response.
First, free writing inspires me a lot, and help me record my original
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If the free writing requires quantity, revising is to improve the quality. Though I know revising is important for an excellent essay, I never have enough time to do it, because revising is an infinite huge work for me. However rereading seems to be nonsense, but it does improve my writing through several times in grammar, structure and focus. It is surprising that every time I read my essay, I create different sentences and have distinguishing. Plus, I never delete sentences, because it might be useful next time. There is a paragraph in my argumentative essay that says the women has abortion mainly due to poverty. To solve povenrty and convince poor people to give birth to their newborns, I used a whole paragraph to show how to make a bargain for buying babies things. I found the paragraph out of my main idea, and I do not know how to change it into the one I wanted. Thanks to I paste it to another document rather than deleting it because I luckily was strike by how to revise it later. The new document is my back up of writing in case of the paragraph can be used again. Finally, the revising words of my argumentative papers accumulate as the same amount of my …show more content…
To classify, rhetorical analysis is like the meme of one article. That is, it does not create new ideas, but writes statements by analyzing how the famous article works. Though it does not need any original thoughts, it is helpful, because I can learn how to write a convincible article by analyzing previous well-known article first. Furthermore, reading can somehow help writing, if you have an insight of the successful article. In other words, rhetorical analysis is the way to reveal the mysterious veil of excellent writing and a bridge which leads to academic

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