The Changing Role Of Women In Today's Society

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Being a growing woman in today’s society I have witnessed a lot of things change around me. With an upcoming election each candidate has spoken on many issues and what they would do to “ Make America great again” and how standing “ Stronger together” is the way to go, but none is specifically to help women. Having the chance to speak with the next elected president of the United States I would address three main political issues. These issues are the right of abortion , the growing gender gap , and how women are portrayed in media.

Abortion has been a main topic for many years. Being Pro-choice I would suggest to the president that abortion continue to exist as an option for women in today’s society. As a female I do not
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This demonstrates that discrimination is an ongoing factor in modern day. The gender gap has been a progressing problem that some people are afraid to address. This is the exact reason I would introduce it to the President. I would express my opinion that gender should not determine your salary and that your experience should. Women receive less for doing some of the same jobs as men. We can fix this problem by getting rid of the stereotype that women are weak and cannot handle certain jobs. This problem started during olden times. People painted an image that women should stay at home and cook and clean while the men do all the work. While speaking with the president, I would recommend that we work towards getting rid of that stereotype. We can reach achievement by having equality for women. America needs to work toward appreciation being felt between both genders. We should let women hold leading positions in the workforce and not have to experience the fear of rejection due to their gender. Just recently this year the Secretary of Defense has open ground combat jobs for women in the military . This action demonstrates a step forward in closing the gender gap. Speaking with the president, I would ask if they can stay on the same path and fight for equality. Furthermore, I would then discuss the issue of

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