The Changes Of A Social Life As They Get Older Essay

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Five Ideas to Investigate
The changes of one’s social life as they get older.
The changes in an older adult’s memory.
Older adults have less regrets when looking back on their life and the changes in the way they handle difficult situations.
Negative stereotypes affect one’s perception on aging.
The sleeping patterns of an older adult and the physical activities they participate in.

Statement of Purpose
Older adults are a big interest in human development studies because as adults age a myriad of changes occur. Society is interested in these changes because they happen to everyone and knowing how to age ‘normally’ and healthily is very important. The purpose of this interview is to investigate how adults develop emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially and psychologically.

The interviewee is 64 years old, female and currently residing in Aurora, Ontario. She is recently retired. The interview was conducted on the 23rd of September, 2015. The interviewee was contacted by phone and the interview was held in person. The information was recorded on the interviewer’s telephone. The interviewee was asked seven questions in total.

Over the years, multiple studies have been conducted surrounding development in aging adults. Numerous findings have been reported on an older adult’s social,…

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