Essay The Change And Natural Climate Change

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With the ice caps melting, and the planet’s ozone layer depleting, mankind could be driving the Earth to extinction. The study of the earth and how it works allows scientists to develop new ways to try to save the Earth. While many debate the existence of climate change, it is a very real thing causing harm to our planet. The use of fossil fuels, and the development of new alternative energy sources could be the solution.
Climate Change
One of the biggest factors changing our earth is global warming. Two major factors causing the change include human change and natural climate. Human climate change is anything that is the result of human activity. This can include effects of harmful emissions released from our vehicles, oil spills into the ocean, polluting soil with pesticides and fertilizers, or even burning fossil fuels. Natural climate change is anything that is the result of natural activity. One example is natural forest fires. A forest fire depletes our source of oxygen and emits vast levels of smoke, soot, and other harmful gases (Herath, 2011). Another example of earth naturally polluting the air is when a volcano erupts. When a volcano erupts, it spits out carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, sometimes even into the stratosphere, which then causes climate change.
NASA states global warming is real. Climate change is having a negative effect on our world and it is only getting worst. NASA continues to observe the growing damage that rising temperature continues to do…

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