Global Warming's Terrifying New Math By Bill Mckibben

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Global warming is still considered a controversial topic in modern politics. More people believe that global warming is real but aren 't worried about the immediate threat it imposes. Conservatives believe that changes in global temperature is naturally proven by examples like the Ice Age. They believe that there is no evidence that human beings are causing climate change. Liberals, however, believe the opposite. In the 2012 article Global Warming 's Terrifying New Math by Bill McKibben, the author doesn 't even address the political arguments for or against climate change. Throughout the article, McKibben emphasizes the implications of climate change and whether humans have a chance to save the planet, meaning he doesn 't believe climate change …show more content…
He insists that there are three simple numbers that will allow us to understand the dangerous future that 's to come.
Through these numbers, McKibben explains that the fossil fuel industry is most to blame for global warming and that if we don 't figure out a way to limit the use of fossil fuels, it will be too late for the future of this planet. Although I agree with McKibben on two points, arguments against global warming tend to be economical and his claim that the fossil fuel industry is most to blame, I can not accept that his pessimism is rooted in a lack of faith in humanity because there is evidence, such as the decreasing industrial emissions of carbon dioxide, prove that human efforts can work. McKibben is surely right that arguments against global warming tend to be economical. According to a poll that came out just this year from The Hill, more than seventy percent of people
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The Earth is ridiculously close to it 's tipping point where it wouldn 't be possible to avoid the worst probable consequences, but it has not passed the tipping point yet. Even if global warming is irreversible, should everyone just sit back and watch the Earth go up in flames? Should we just adapt to the situation we put ourselves in and not try to lengthen our planet 's life for our future grandchildren? Absolutely not. Why should the people of the future have to pay for the crimes they didn 't commit? According to a poll from the Associated Press, almost forty percent of Americans weren 't too worried about climate change and referred to the problems of today, like the economy and global terrorism, as their main concern. This makes sense that global warming wouldn 't be our top priority considering the state of our economy and the threat that terrorist groups pose on the world. However, even if global warming isn 't our top priority, the repercussions of inaction should be concerning if top politicians decide to put this off. This includes the total loss of Artic ice and parts of Antartica, which will result in a huge up rise of sea levels. This can potentially be stopped if global emission of carbon dioxide is reduced dramatically starting from today. Luckily for us, more fossil fuels and

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