The Challenges Of The Rich's Model For Higher Education

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Today there are more opportunities than ever for higher education for every person in this country. It can’t be any different considering the time we live in where everything has evolved and so many things have changed and improved. College education is becoming a requisite for more and more jobs. With such necessity and opportunities it’s expected for people to valuate higher education more. This is not always the case. A lot of people fail to claim education because of the society they’ve grown in. The “millennials,” people born in the last two decades of the 20th century, are failing to reflect Rich’s model for a good education. Many contemporary American college students take their educations for granted, they still believe they “receive” an education rather than “claiming” one. These people have the mentality that because many things were handed to them without having to work for it that the same will happen with education. …show more content…
People find more interest in posting selfies on Instagram than pursuing a career. Times have changed drastically since Rich wrote her speech. Today women have as much rights as men and are the full owners of their futures forgetting the things that encouraged them to claim the rightful education Rich refers to. Society has forgotten “about what men, above all white men, in their male subjectivity,” that motived Rich to inspire women to be part of the scholarly community. Society has forgotten about the racial discrimination that made African Americans determined to seek higher educations. Society has also forgotten about the desire people years ago had to become successful and escape the horrors of poverty. As all these extreme motives started to fade away society forgot the true value of claiming an education and caused American students to have poor attitudes towards their

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