The Challenges Of Indian Retail Industry Essay

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Indian retail industry plays a very important role in the growth of economic development. The Indian retail sector is experiencing an immense growth with changing size of population and an increase in the standard of living of people. Indian retail sector specially organized retailing has captured the attention of foreign companies, which in turn are showing their interest to enter India. Retail industry is also considered as one of the largest source of employment. Modern retailing formats are becoming popular now a day. Large number of malls, supermarkets etc. are setting up to contribute in the growth of new retail formats. Yet new retailing formats is facing problem due to the customer’s belief in traditional formats. Customers are not willing to compromise with their habit of buying from traditional formats of retailing. But without modifying and innovating the working pattern of kirana shops, it would be difficult for them to survive for longer period of time.
Sikri and Wadhwa (2012) conducted a study about Indian retail industry, organized or unorganized retailing, popular retail formats in Indian market and growth and challenges of retail industry in India. The information is collected from books, journals, newspapers etc.
Indian retail industry comes at fifth position in terms of largest retail industry in the world. It is categorized into two categories namely, organized and unorganized sectors. Organized retail means activities of trading done by licensed…

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