The Challenges Of Higher Learning

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In the article, “Higher Learning” different groups of people are deciding or have to decided to go back to school to obtain a college degree or certification to help facilitate achieving a higher position in their current job, or to revamp their current career path to better their lives. Due to cutting down on the work hours or in some worse cases even being laid off, because companies are relocating or shutting down completely, more and more adults are going back to school. There are some challenges with this idea however, two major challenges are time and money. Adult students that chose to return to school have to balance the challenges of attending school and working a part-time or full-time job as well as raising a family. Both work and …show more content…
When it comes to questions or concerns, I know I can either call or e-mail my mentors, professors, or classmates. I also know someone in my family might be able to help me when I don 't understand something. It takes a lot of self discipline to stay with the assigned tasks and to juggle daily routines. I feel that I could be classified as an Intentional Learner. An intentional Learner is often described as someone that brings experience from their life experiences into their studies. They are often more focused on the outcome than a High School graduate, that is either forced to go to college by the parents or doesn 't want to enter the working world just yet. Intentional Learners are more willing to put much more effort into their studies, are critical thinkers, have set much more clearer goal towards the degree and self-aware of how the study is going to help them in the end. They have the greater abilities to connect the theory with the practice, know how use their skills efficient to combine the learning part with the already knowing life

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