The Challenges Of Democracy In Egypt

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The U.S Constitution, written in 1787 for an agricultural society now guides the political life of a massive urban society.(The Challenges of Democracy, 2014) This document was written by mass group of people seeking to revolute from British rules. This in turn is how Egypt came about independence from Britain in 1922. Just as the United States sought to start a new government free from British rules Egypt declared their independence by forming a constitution. (Egypt, 2014) This history of Egypt dates back to 4000 B.C., and is one of the earliest administrative and legislative codes in history. The constitution of Egypt has long evolved from liberal constitution of 1923 to the contemporary constitution. (History of the Egyptian
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According History of United States Constitution, “The contentious issue of slavery was too controversial to be resolved during the Convention on June 7, June 11 and August 22.” (2015) In the future we know that slave trade comes to an end but it was until 1865 that slavery was abolished, according to text, section 1,” neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, shall exist within the United States.”(The Challenges of Democracy, 2014) As mentioned before Egypt has an article 11 that deals with women and children right but more specifically in the constitution Chapter 3 under article 51 and 52 deal with human dignity and torture both of which are prohibited and considered a crime. (Egypt’s Constitution, …show more content…
I think the constitution would have to be adapted for each culture it’s representing. Like our forefathers or those wanting become independent they will want to separate themselves therefore will need to unite and come up with rules in order to be an independence nation. It took a long time for the United States of America to become the great nation it is today. There were many oppressive ideas or amendment in the US Constitution like slavery that didn’t make this country the nation it is today. But just like Egypt there will time when certain politics or plans don’t work so they will need to adjust

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