The Challenges Of Benchmarking In Human Resource Management

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benchmarking human resource management
A successful company as a human resource(HR) department that is essential to the overall success of the company. Simple doing the normal practices of HR may however not yield the expected results that a company wants which is why implementation of strategic Human Resource Management is important as well as benchmarking HR to analyze internal standards as well as the HR practice of key competitors.
“Benchmarking falls under four primary, internal benchmarking, competitive benchmarking, functional benchmarking and generic benchmarking. Resource managers are therefore tasked with the decision of which benchmarking works best for their company because of the difference in resource investment and possible
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It however faces diverse corporate culture, great need for specificity as well as common function can be difficult to find, take more time than internal and the challenge of visualizing how to adapt the best process. The fourth primary benchmarking practice is generic benchmarking which is the comparison of HR practice that are the same regardless of the industry (Certisafety, …show more content…
It is a difficult concept can be difficult to identify best-in- class, takes a long time to plan, known world-class companies are inundated with requests, quantum changes can bring high risk, escalate fear, and class organizations in your process. The benefits as well as the challenges faced along this the goal of the company should therefore be analyzed before implementation of any of these benchmarks (Certisafety, 2016).
“Benchmarking is an effective tool when used in the right way but requires hard work. Understanding what is behind benchmarks and when to use them makes a difference (Shapiro, J. 2010)”. It is therefore beneficial to determine the process to be benchmarked, noting that incorrect identification may lead to wasted resources. Next determine the organization to be benchmarked, this can be done by determining which prospective partner truly are benchmarks for your organization and selecting those that are compatible with

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