The Center For Trade During The Sixth Century Essay

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the center for trade during the sixth century. Teotihuacan declined after a few centuries, believed to be caused by an invasion or internal conflicts. A new civilization came around in 900 and dominated Central Mexico- the Toltecs, a militaristic group. Riot broke out in the civilization after a ruler called Topiltzin encouraged the worship of a change in religions. This caused the decline of the Toltec civilization.
• Obsidian: the most valuable trade item in Teotihuacan; a green or black volcanic glass. It was used when Teotihuacan became the center of a trade network that extended into Central America. Obsidians were used to forge weapons.
• Quetzalcoatl: the “Feathered Serpent.” A fierce war god who demanded blood and human sacrifices was worshipped by the Toltecs before Topiltzin changed the Toltec religion. Quetzalcoatl was encouraged to be worshipped, causing rebellion amongst the war gods. Topiltzin was exiled to the Yucatan Peninsula, where they influenced Mayan culture.
The Aztec Empire: The Aztecs -poor, nomadic people from northern Mexico- arrived in the Valley of Mexico and settled into city-states left by the Toltec civilization. The Aztecs grew stronger through the Triple Alliance. Their power was based on military conquests and tribute gained from conquered subjects. Nobles –military leaders, government officials, and priests- ruled the Aztec society. The other classes were commoners and slaves.
• Triple Alliance: an alliance between the Aztecs and two…

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