Essay about The Celebration Of The Mexican People

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Every Hispanic girl dreams about the day that they get the chance to have a Quinceanera. What is a quinceanera, you ask? It’s a very important Hispanic tradition that symbolizes a girl becoming a woman and taking on the responsibilities of an adult female. They celebrate it when the girl turns 15. It is not only to honor the young woman for her maturity, but also to her parents and family, as well as her padrinos (godparents).
The tradition dates back to Aztec times. The festival shrouded in the history of the Mexican people. It combines both Spanish-Catholic traditions. They had many heritages that would symbolize the passage through the stages of life. Back then it used to mean that the young woman was fully ready to take on adult responsibilities; indicating that she was ready to marry and be a member of her community. Now, it takes a different meaning, but still represents the celebration of womanhood, family and community.
The way it is celebrated is very beautiful; everything that the young woman receives has a very unique meaning. The young woman receives: a bible, rosary, ring, tiara, last doll, bracelet, earrings, and last but not least shoes. These seem to mean nothing to certain cultures but to Hispanics it is important. I will tell you how they celebrate it; first they have a ceremony in church; the priest or minister will bless all the items that young woman will receive as well as bless her and the parents. The minister or priest will then give the young…

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