Essay The Causes Spread Of Infectious Disease

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Many studies are done on the causes of spread of infectious disease, and their conclusion have been due to the transfer of germs, bacteria or viruses from one person to another. All the studies comes done to the fact that proper hand washing technique can prevent the spread of those diseases. “Every year, lives are lost because of the spread of infections in hospitals. Health care workers can take steps to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. These steps are part of infection control” (Medline Plus). People fall sick or even lose their life because of infectious diseases that are passed by germs from one to another. When it comes to health care providers they have to be really careful because they can become the transferring agent of diseases. When they go from one ill patient to another, they can bring one patient’s germs to another. They need to take the simple precaution of hand washing in between patients to stop diseases from spreading. Health care providers have to be caution about germs not just for their patients but also for their own families. Because they can take these germs to their homes too, and their family members can get sick. In my family, number one thing everyone does as they enter the house is wash their hands. Because we do not know how many dirty things we have touched during the day and those germs get on our hands. And when it comes to health care provider in my family, even hand washing is not enough. They do not touch anything before taking…

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