The Wage Gap

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Collin Serwinowski
Research Paper
ENG 201 Over the course of evolution one gender has gotten by easier while the other struggles to keep up. In the modern workplace males have had a clear dominance over females in many ways and with equality today amongst men and women why does this trend still believe to exist? The biggest problem within the workplace today is the clear and by far wage gap between male and female employees. Do men carry a clear advantage to allow them to be paid higher or do women carry faults to prevent them from making the same as their male counterparts? Not only does the wage gap affect women within the work place but also their ability to obtain jobs as well as their vertical mobility the workplace is severely
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Barnes states that the greatest difference in wage gaps is found between white and Asian men and women followed by Hispanic and blacks. This is relevant because the wage gap isn’t just between men and women but one needs to take into consideration race as well. This is very important because it shows for most white and Asian women are only taking on average 80% of a males wage home while for Hispanic and black women they are taking closer to 90% of their wages home compared to men of their own race. Where one attends school is another major cause to the gap that most people may skip over. For most people tend to think that if they attend a better college or university that they would make more when it comes to their job and they are correct, but what most don’t realize is that the correlation between schooling and wages is a lot greater than most may think. “Among public colleges, the wage gap ranges from a high of $13,000 a year for research universities to $10,000 for other state schools. Women who attended elite public colleges earn an average of $50,000 a year after 10 years compared with an average of $39,000 among women from other public colleges” (Douglas-Gabriel). The author of this article has went into detail on the wages of women up to 10 years out of college. The author states that women who attended elite public schools make on average over $10,000 more per year after 10 years compared to a female that simply went the a public school. This is inherent because simply by the school that one choses can affect their wage entirely and cause one to lose out on thousands of dollars per

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