Poverty John Henry Analysis

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Whos fault, is it? Ours or our parent’s? As humans we have something that other species don’t have which is the power of free will the freedom to think for our self’s and make decision. Knowing of our free will does that mean that whatever situation we find ourselves in is caused by us. Is our finical state our fault? Are people poor because of their bad decisions and are people capable of making bad decisions and most important of all is there anything. according to John Henry decision making is not the cause of poverty (Henry). Henry argues that poverty is something that should be looked at in a social aspect rather than a personal issue. John henry states; one must examine the nature of the economic system that lies at the root of such issue.” …show more content…
According to Henry having too much rich people in an economy would lead to poverty for a lot of people he argue that “for everyone rich man you find there is at least five poor men” henry also uses Adam smith’s theory on capitalism to explain how an inequality in society can be the cause of poverty. Henry states that “if there is wealth, there is poverty. Poverty is endemic to capitalism: given the normal workings of capitalism, poverty cannot be eliminated–even if racism or sexism or whatever specific practice proposed by anti-myth proponents were to be eradicated. Such practices may exacerbate poverty, to be sure, but they do not constitute the underlying cause of poverty” (Henry) without wealth there would be no poverty but because there is wealth that doesn’t mean that it is the main cause of poverty. Henry goes into detail explaining to us how the rich affect the poor he states “Thus, the “laboring poor” were necessarily poor because they produced not only their own subsistence but the incomes of property owners” because the poor isn’t only producing their won substances but that of their boos or land owner now they are left with working twice as hard only to gain little from it this is where and individuals decisions affect’s them. Because the poor have no choice they must work twice as hard to reduce a substance for themselves and their bosses therefore sometimes it is hard for a poor person to move up in society because they must work twice as hard for something that the capitalist and the land owners dome

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